Information on Passive Participation

Registration for the virtual congress will continue in the same form as it did in the original full-time form, i.e. through your account in the online system. The amount of fees has been adjusted and is listed below.

When you register, you will receive a code (after payment, of course) that will serve you to connect to the live broadcast of the Congress.

Don't want to participate in the virtual Congress?

Those who have registered for the planned physical form of the congress and don’t want to participate in the virtual form can request their registration to be cancelled and the registration fee to be refunded. If the fee payment has been done and you are interested in the live broadcast, the difference in the fee will be refunded (requests must be addressed to

It is necessary to add e-mail addresses for group registrations.

Group registrations (within company accounts) remain valid. For group registered users, it is necessary to enter e-mail addresses to which the access code for the live broadcast should be sent. If an email address is not entered, it is the responsibility of the person entering the group registration to forward this code to the participants affected.






paid by transfer or through the upcoming payment gateway


CSC members

200 Czk

CSC member younger than 30

100 Czk

CSC non-members

1,500 Czk

Health care workers - CSC members

free of charge

Health care workers

free of charge

Honorary members of the CSC, pensioners, students (undergraduate study), CSC members on maternity/parental leave

free of charge (an e-mail confirmation will be required for students and CSC members on maternity leave - ICIC, Employment Office decision)

Chairpersons, first authors of invited presentations in WG or scientific societies blocks

free of charge


free of charge (e-mail confirmation of the journalist's card will be required)

Partner representatives 

free of charge (send the list to org.secretariat by email)

The registration fee includes the access to the online program throughout the congress. After registration, you will receive a code (a bar code, but for you the main part is the numerical code) that you enter when you want to access the live broadcast. 

For the free categories Student, CSC member on maternity leave, Media, it is required to send a confirmation (ICIC, Employment Office decision on maternity leave, a journalist’s card) by e-mail to Without confirmation, the registration will remain as "UNPAID" and it will not be possible to access the live broadcast of the Congress. 

For congress partners (sponsors) it is possible to send a list of participants from the company to email; the registration will be performed by the congress secretariat and the program access codes will be sent. 

Send the payments for the registration fee to the CSC account only after you obtain the email confirmation of the registration that will include all payment instructions. State your registration number as the variable symbol.

If you require a confirmation on the payment (tax document) of the registration fee, you have to ask for it either immediately along with the registration or no later than at the end of the month in which the payment was made. Unfortunately, we cannot satisfy your request later.

If you need an invoice BEFORE THE PAYMENT, it is necessary to ask by email (


The registration principles are the same for group registration (2 and more participants) as for individual registration. It is to be done through the online system - "My account" of the person who is entering the group registration. First, you have to register as an individual (company), then choose "group registration" in your congress menu.

When entering the individual members of the group registration you will be asked for their surnames, names, email addresses, registration type, and the request for certificate issuance. Afterwards, the person who is entering the group registration will obtain an email confirmation with all registrations confirmed, and the subregistration numbers of the individual members of the group. Therefore, when paying the registration fee, it is possible to pay for the group under the main registration numbers (as the variable symbol) or the individual members can pay with their subregistration numbers. If the amount received under the main registration number does not correspond to the total amount for the group registration, it will not be assigned to the group. If you pay for a part of the group registration, please inform the organization secretariat which members you are paying for.