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  A single room A double room
Hotel Garni  750 Czk  850 Czk
Hotel Voroněž 1 Standard type  2,302 Czk (1 person in a double room)
Superior type    2,565 Czk (1 person in a double room)
Standard type 2,977 Czk
Superior type   3,384 Czk 
Hotel Slovan 1,290 Czk 1,690 Czk
Hotel Brno 990 Czk 1,290 Czk
Hotel Santon 1,210 Czk 1,520 Czk 
Hotel A-Austerlitz 1,550 Czk 2,000 Czk
Hotel Continental  1,350 Czk (1 person in a double room) 1.950 Czk
Hotel Slavia 1,450 Czk  1,920 Czk 
Hotel International Standard type   2,500 Czk
Executive type  2,800 Czk
Standard type  2,800 Czk
Executive type 3,300 Czk
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