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Dear colleagues

Let us invite you to the 15th Annual Congress of the Czech Society of Cardiology, which is going to take place in Brno in May. The congress has a long tradition in the Czech cardiology and both experienced cardiologists and young doctors can present their results and the latest contributions to knowledge on cardiology.  Many Czech, Slovak and foreign cardiologists meet there and you can make new professional and personal friendships. Furthermore, you will be able to see and hear about new medical techniques.

Cardiology is still one of progressively developing medical fields and we can be proud that we are at the world top in many respects. The scientific, technical and also ethical progress is fast and it is our obligation to follow these developments and to put new knowledge in practice as fast as possible. Our annual congress is just the place where the latest contributions to the knowledge on cardiology are presented for a wide professional discussion. We believe many of you will take active part in the congress and present your professional findings as in the past years.

Please accept our invitation and we are sure the congress will live up to your expectations both in scientific and also social respects.

We look forward to your participation. Come and have pleasant and nice congress time.

Prof.MUDr. Jiří Vítovec, CSc., FESC                                         Prof.MUDr. Michael Aschermann, DrSc., FESC
Society Organizational Committee Chairperson                       Czech Society of Cardiology Chairperson